Two Beautiful Violins


My youngest daughter began taking violin lessons at the age of three. She is now 12 years old and I’m happy to say that she has had the same sweet teacher all of these years!  When she first began, she was too small for the smallest violin. so her teacher made a small “violin” for her from a stuffed margarine box, wrapped in paper from a brown paper bag and attached to a yellow plastic ruler, (I still have it to this day!). By the time she was four she was able to fit her for the smallest violin and it was adorable!

I started off renting and continued to do so for each stage of violin until she was ready for a full-sized one. After renting for all those years, nearly ten years, I was told that a percentage of the rental fee would one day apply towards the purchase of a full-sized violin. Well, when this time finally arrived I was disappointed to find out that, long story short , all of the money paid so far, would only be a percentage of the final payment on a very low quality instrument, a high price to pay a very unreasonable amount of money ON TOP OF WHAT  HAD ALREADY BEEN PAID ON IT ALL THOSE YEARS!!!!!

I had been duped!!! Or so I thought…

I spoke with my daughter’s teacher and she said that one of her adult students was selling a very nice violin in great condition, and asked if I would be interested. “YES!!” I replied, and this beautiful quality violin was purchased at great price! It was a real blessing…. But that’s not all.

A few months later, the teacher told me that the lady who sold us the violin had gotten to know my daughter, in passing as they met between lessons, and she would love for her to have another violin as a gift. It would be a spare for her and it wouldn’t cost us a thing! This kind lady just wanted my daughter to have it.

So you see, what would have turned out to be a loss, actually turned out to be a blessing. Nothing was lost after all! And now, by God’s blessing, and the extraordinary kindness of this lady, my daughter has two beautiful violins!!