In God’s Hands

“I believe God is managing affairs, and that He doesn’t need any advice from me.

With God in charge, I believe everything will work out for the best in the end.”

“So what is there to worry about?”

Henry Ford

8 thoughts on “In God’s Hands

  1. Can I ask you a question about trusting God? I am a born again christian and I need someone to answer truthfully. Thanks

  2. Do you mean letting go and trusting God? If so, I’m sure that many of us have had the same feeling. I do know that if we need help in any way, including having more faith, the LORD will help us if we pray and ask. Hope this helps. God bless you! – Faith :)

  3. Some days, and some things, are easy to let go and trust our God with–other days, and other matters, are not. But I’m confident we get better at it as we go along with Him! Thanks so much–God bless you BIG.

  4. If He can take care of the little sparrows I know He’s taking care of me.
    A fully surrendered heart relies and trusts in Him.
    Thank you for sharing!

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