The Hat Rack

Many years ago, one Sunday morning, we were visiting a new church for the first time, when an elderly lady came up to us and invited us to her house for dinner. We gladly accepted, and followed her home after service.  As we sat in her living room, we had a very pleasant conversation, and got  to know a little more about each other. She was a long-standing member of her church,  and well-loved by the congregation.  Although she was elderly, she was vibrant and enthusiastic, and very happy to talk about how much she loved the Lord, and all that He had done for her. She enthusiastically shared some of her many testimonies, and I talked a little bit about my faith experience.  I mentioned how our two children, a son and a daughter, who were very small at the time, had been miracle babies, because I was told that I would never conceive, but I was still praying and believing God for another baby.

She looked at me, with a smile in her eyes, and said, “You see that hat rack over there on the wall?” I answered, “Yes.” she said, “Whenever the Lord does something for me, I imagine that I’m hanging a hat on a hat rack…and every time he answers I just keep adding a new hat.  And the next time I find myself frustrated about something that I’m praying for, I  just take a look at that hat rack, and see all those hats hanging there, and I’m reminded of all the prayers that God has answered, (some that I may have even forgotten), and I am encouraged that he did it before and he’ll do it again.”

I really appreciated this example and made an effort to apply it in my own life. In fact the Lord did answer my prayer and blessed me miraculously with another sweet baby girl!

When I think back on this example, it reminds me of what young David said to King Saul, when he volunteered to fight Goliath…

“David said… The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, He will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine…” I Samuel 17:37

The lion and the bear were hanging on David’s hat rack!!! He just took a look back, and was fully persuaded, that God would do it again. :)

“Has it been awhile since you took a look at your own hat rack?”

Surely God has blessed you and answered your prayers in the past…

Just take a look back and,  like David, be fully persuaded that God will do it again!

11 thoughts on “The Hat Rack

  1. I also have many spiritual trophies that I’ve kept over the years. Everytime a new trial comes that tests my faith, I can look back and recall just how faithful and good the Lord has been to me. Thank you for your post.
    God bless you,

  2. God has always answered my prayers and surprises me with His power everyday. He has never nor will ever fail me. It is a human flaw to forget how many times so the visual hats is very sweet. But the miracles God has bestowed on me would be too numerous to fill a hat rack, I’m afraid. Thank you for this post. We always require so much silly reassurance, we sensitive human beings…all we have to do is look at God’s wonder all around us and rest our worries. He’s got this because He made this!

  3. Sure, You’re welcome to it! Thank you, and It’s nice of you to ask. I’m glad that you enjoyed it, and I pray that others will be blessed by it as well. :)
    Have a blessed day.

  4. What a beautiful reminder to keep our eyes open to God’s faithfulness to hear and answer prayer! Thank you for sharing this! I need to spend time looking at my hats and thanking God for them. ;)

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