First Love

“Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s one of my favorite posts from the past! “

I met the man who was to become my husband when I was nineteen years old. At first no one took me seriously, because I had never been serious about anyone before. My closest friends teased me and joked that  this new relationship would probably only last for about two weeks and then it would be over, because that’s how it had been for me up until then…

But this time was different.

My friends soon became aware of the difference in me, as I lit up whenever I talked about him, and talked about him constantly. I began spending less and less time with them, and wanted to spend more and more time with him. When we left campus,for our hometowns in different cities during holiday breaks , I would miss him terribly and  couldn’t wait to be with him again. While at home on break, I would curl up in bed with my  mom each night and, like two girls at a slumber party, I’d tell her all about him, talking non-stop, all night long.

In Revelation 2:4-5,  Jesus says to the church at Ephesus,

 “... You have left your first love…repent and do the first works…”  

I think about the first works or actions of a person experiencing a first love, and I ask myself, “Am I still doing the first works?” Do I still light up whenever I talk about my Savior? Do I still  speak of Him constantly? Am I spending more time with Him than I do with less important activities? If I haven’t read my bible in a while, do I miss it? Could I stay up all night, talking and sharing about His love and His faithfulness?

Asking these questions stirs my heart, renews enthusiasm, and awakens a fresh start.

“May the Lord reignite the spark that fueled our first works, and may we continue to rekindle our first love for Him,Who first loved us.”

Amen. ♥

6 thoughts on “First Love

  1. I love Revelation 2 and 3 and try to understand what Jesus is saying to the churches. I also am fascinated with Sardis—a reputation for being alive, but according to Jesus dead as a door nail, but was apparently active and popular. Ephesus is sad–Just going through the motions.

    btw–Happy Valentine. I saw my future wife when I was 17–she was 15. I am hoping to celebrate our 60th next year–in Hawaii of course. lol



  2. Wow! I didn’t know all that was going on! Beautiful Valentine. Did he read it? He’s a lucky guy. :) We are so much more blessed because of the relationship with Jesus. Everyday with Him is sweeter than the day before. Praise God! Love you Faith. Mom :)

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