And I Know Why

God placed Adam and Eve in a garden, and I know why!!! :)


I am a writer, and I love blogging, but long before I became a blogger, I was a gardener… I absolutely love it! This morning I got my first gardening magazine for spring, and I felt like a kid at Christmas. I love looking at the  pictures and my heart pounds with excitement when I imagine all of the beautiful things that could be a part of my own garden.

Just as the LORD placed Adam and Eve in such a beautiful and peaceful place in the beginning, we too can live in beauty and peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord. And one day we’ll stroll through the beautiful gardens of a new heaven and a new earth with Him, and the days will never end.

God Bless you, and have a great week-end!


4 thoughts on “And I Know Why

  1. Hello Faith, I’m not a gardener but I appreciate the story which has a minister admonish a gardener who says, “I’m proud of what I’ve done with this garden,” that he should rather give thanks to God the creator; and the gardener says, “You should have seen this when God had it to himself!”

    Happy Palm Sunday!


  2. My son shares your love. He doesn’t have a heart for form, but he loves growing things and working in the dirt. We’ve given him a little area that he plants and harvests to his hearts content, and thankfully to our stomachs! He also works and learns at the garden club at his high school. Gardening is such a wonderful release. I wish that I had more time for it. For now, I’ll just reap the benefits of my sweet son’s work. Have a great day!

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