Blessing in Surprise

Once, several years back, I took my Jeep in to have my brakes checked, and as I sat in the waiting area, an elderly man sat, quietly, a few chairs down,waiting for his vehicle and reading a newspaper. I smiled at him as I sat down, and began leafing through one of the magazines on the table next to me.

When the mechanic came out to give me the news about my Jeep, I stood up and walked over to the counter to meet him. He basically told me that my brakes were in worse condition than I thought, and that I was going to cost much more than I had expected. I asked how much it would cost to do part of the job now and the rest later on, and he said he’d go back and check with his manager.  I went back to my seat and the older gentleman, leaned over and quietly said that he would like to pay the difference, so that I could get the whole job done today. I was totally surprised at this and responded by saying, “Thank you sir. That is very kind of you but I can’t accept, thank you though. That’s very nice of you to offer.”

He answered by saying that he would really like to do this for me and my family, and this is just the type of thing that he and his wife try to do for others whenever they have the opportunity. So he asked that I please accept his offer. I thought for a minute and then asked if I could  have his name and address in order to repay him, and he said no. He said  that this would be a gift, and that he did not want to be repaid. I realized that this was a blessing, so I graciously accepted. ( I did manage to get his name and address anyway, so that I could send him and his wife a thank you note. I also included a gift card for he and his wife to go out to dinner.)  :)

That day, when I drove off, I felt so much gratitude, as I had thanked this gentleman several times, and was doubly blessed to have experienced true generosity and a “blessing in surprise!”


21 thoughts on “Blessing in Surprise

  1. I think we sometimes forget how awesome it can be to be the “giver”!!! I know I love being able to do things like this, so I am sure you made his day as well. :)

  2. Isn’t our God an amazing, loving God. This elderly man’s heart was impressed of your need (a true one!! brakes are nothin to fool with) and heeded. I call these types of moments WOW God Moments!! Praise Him… and I pray a thank you to the kindness of the man!

  3. Just shows us that there are people who follow the true spirit of Christianity and help those in need.Reminds us too that God always sends help our way – we just need to accept it.

  4. Good for you, allowing him to bless you. For many years we were the “blessed” and now we get to be the “blessers”… Funny thing is, we are still the blessed by doing it!

  5. God has blessings all around us. I am so glad you recognized His working in your life through this man. You were both blessed.


  6. We share always in our lives, ourselves, our material things, our love, our kindness, our time, our smiles, our friendship, our food, our medicine, our spirits…we do these things out of love and not for gain. When we do the spiritual wealth of these actions go into God’s storehouse and is never forgotten. For when we give we also give to ourselves and from His grace and love in our unexpected times of need, we are blessed by an angel, as once we were that angel to another in what we shared. When one hurts, we all hurt, when one needs, we all need, When we emulate His great traits we never worry about a thing… for His blessings are always embracing us even when we cannot see it with our eyes! He is always near with His open arms. A beautiful post and message that blesses!

  7. What a wonderful unexpected gift! Once an elderly lady wanted to buy my youngest son a stuffy that he wanted. She overheard our conversation in the store. I was explaining to my son that our home was over-run with stuffed critters already… With tears in her eyes she explained that she had no grandchildren and really wanted to give this gift to my son. I said yes. My son gave her a hug. Years later that stuffy is still my son’s favorite. If I had said no I would have robbed that sweet old lady of the blessing of giving & that stuffy of a good home. ~ Wendy

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