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I’ve just finished writing a book, and now I’m going through the process of finding an editor, and other finishing touches necessary for publishing. I have a few ideas, I’ve made a few contacts, and have already spent a great deal of time researching information, but I could really use some suggestions, and recommendations from you, and  would very much appreciate your input. You may have experience in this area, or you may be able to refer me to someone who’s been a big help to you. Even if you’ve never written a book, I ‘d love to hear your comments. You’ve been such a blessing to me, and this blogging experience has given me the boost I needed to finally write this book. I’d love for you to be a part of it too, so go ahead and let me know what you think!

Thank you and God Bless!


( If you’d like, I can keep your comment private, and I’d be happy to respond to you by e-mail, if necessary.)

16 thoughts on “Suggestions Welcome

  1. Of course i haven’t read your book yet, so cant make any specific comments, but here are a few things that would keep me interested as a reader:
    1) Written in the third party tense (it’s hard for me to get into a characters head when it’s all “I” and “me”… But that’s just personal preference.

    2) not everything needs to be linear, I like it when surprises are thrown in, that were set up from the beginning (take Harry potter, for example).

    3) tension or suspense. As a writer it’s tempting to give the reader immediate relief or satisfaction, this is what most people think they want, but it won’t make them want to finish a book. Best to draw things out a bit, keep them glued to their seat. One example of this is when my mother and I were reading the same book (on different pages), in the garden one sunny day. The doorbell rang and both my mother and I shouted “NO!” as we were both in so much suspense. (also, later we burnt our lunch for the same reason)

    If these three points are included in your book, I’d definitely want to pick it up off the shelf.
    Hope this was useful

    I’m working on my writing skills too, so any advice my way about getting a book published would be appreciated.

  2. Faith, I have experience in editing – I edited for a friend of mine who just had her book published. I’m not sure how long your book is, and the timeline you’re considering; but I am willing to discuss the possibility of editing with you and whether or not I can commit to the task.

    I also can put you in contact with our friend who published her book, and she would be able to provide some very in-depth analysis of some of the publishing options and the process. Use my contact page on my blog to contact me privately with your email address/phone info if you’re interested.

    Would be honored to be a blessing to you in this.

  3. Thanks so much for the responses and suggestions I’ve received so far! Lot of great stuff already, and due to the content and the privacy of others I won’t be posting any of these right now, but please, Keep ’em coming I really appreciate it! Thank you, I’m truly blessed. -Faith

  4. The Writer’s Digest magazine and web site has tons of information on publishers and editors. They also have a book put out annually, called “The Writer’s Market 2012”. You can find this at the library,, or This will give you publishing houses, editors, and submission requirements to help in publishing your book. I hope this is helpful. :)

  5. Faith, I can’t truly give suggestions – I am where you are as well (!) – but I pray that the Lord will guide you to the way you need to go for the publication. What he starts, He will complete! amen and love

  6. Thank you for these great suggestions! Very very helpful. All of this is still very new for me, but I’m happy to pass on what I learn as I go.
    Again Thanks!

  7. If it’s a non fiction, use examples from your own life or from those closely related to you. It helps the reader relate to the writer.

  8. Prayer is extremely helpful and very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to be encouraging today, and for your prayers! God Bless you. :)

  9. Very helpful! Thanks Lynn, I really appreciate your taking the time to comment. My story is a non fiction account of a very difficult period in my life, and I hope that readers will be able to relate and be encouraged by it. Thanks Again! :) Faith

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