Throwback Thursday- Sunrise

Good Morning! This week has really flown by and again it’s Thursday, here’s a reblog to help you get the most out of your day. Hope  your day is tops! :)


My oldest daughter has recently reminded me of how amazing it can be to just watch the sun come up in the morning. So often, the beautiful, breath-taking colors, go unnoticed each morning, (and I’m ashamed to say it) but, mostly by me.  My daughter has actually been getting up earlier just to see the sun rise and this has prompted me to stop and think… Am I so caught up with what’s coming up in the day ahead to appreciate whats right in front of me? Nowadays though, it’s not that I’m so busy because I am currently 18 months into a two-year recovery from surgery, but in many ways I miss being busy, while at the same time I’m disappointed and frustrated with the physical limitations that I am experiencing. I’m so glad that she brought this to my attention, because it has given me the opportunity to reflect and regroup.

I reflect on how each sunrise…

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3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday- Sunrise

  1. I love are quite inspiring you take simple things and make them so so so special Keep up the good work!

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