Throwback Thursday- Leftovers

This is the first in a series of reblogs that I call, “Throwback Thursdays.” It’s a previous post from my blog, and I’ll be sharing one each Thursday. “Leftovers”  is one of my very first posts, published  around New Years Day, of this year. I hope that you will be encouraged!

– Faith :)


Last night, while putting away the last of the chicken wings that had not been devoured by my  food-lovin’ family, I thought about  how some habits or problems can be  like leftovers following us into the new year. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind leftovers,  especially like pizza for breakfast, but what about leftover issues, feelings, and disappointments, from last year, that are still  hanging around, and keeping us down? You know what happens to leftovers in the fridge when they’ve been around too long. They start to stink, and not look so good, and most of all they aren’t any good to you anymore. Bad habits, deep-seated hurts, and other problems can be just like that.

Sometimes we carry leftovers over from year to year, and sometimes they can add up for a lifetime. Imagine a lifetime of leftovers just sittin’ around in your fridge! Yuck!  But let’s be honest, sometimes that’s how it is…

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