4 thoughts on “The Pieces Fit

  1. So true! It’s often hard to see the good when we’re going through trials, but there is comfort in knowing that, in the end, it will all fit together for our good, and God sustains us through it all…Thanks Terry! :)

  2. This visual reminded me of what a wise friend recently told me. She explained that all the pieces of my puzzle would be put together by God, BUT I might not be given a glimpse of the puzzle box (with the picture of what the completed puzzle should look like) and would have to trust that God is perfectly fitting the pieces and arranging them according to HIS plan.

  3. PERFECT!! I love that example! That’s exactly how it is. We can have peace in any situation that presents itself, knowing that God is “perfectly fitting the pieces together according to His plan.” Thanks Cristal. :)

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