Temple Cleansed

This is holy week, and each day this week, I’d planned to post a scripture or quote about this very special time, but today, after posting the verse on “Jesus The Cornerstone”, I thought about of how Jesus cleansed the temple, and I wanted to write on something more…  I started thinking about how, once we commit our lives to Christ, our bodies become the temple of the Holy Spirit.

David prayed in Psalm 51 saying, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” He asked the LORD to come in and cleanse his temple… (Create in me a clean heart), and once his temple, was cleansed, he wanted the LORD to renew a right spirit within him.

This week, as I remember the events leading up to the crucifixion, I reflect on how Christ “cleansed the temple”, and how, because of His love, and by His blood, I too have been made clean, and by His Holy Spirit, a right spirit is renewed within me.

Thank You, Lord Jesus.

10 thoughts on “Temple Cleansed

  1. Hi Faithrises! Thanks for checking out my blog, ‘Fraidy Cat Confessions, and liking a post. I’m looking forward to looking around your blog more and getting to know you a bit. Blessings on you today! Shelley Ring

  2. Great post. Jesus cleansed the outer court that the Jewish leaders had profaned. The Jewish courts were treated with respected while the gentiles’ place of worship was minimized. This may be taking your illustration too far, but, what if there is imagery here to help us see the importance of doing what we can to help people who aren’t as close to God get to know him better (i.e. people seeking but not convinced about Jesus, or those having trouble totally giving their lifestyles over to him.)?

    We are his temples, after all, and that’s what the outer court was for. Creating a clean heart means being aware of our holiness and how we must use that for God’s honor.

    Thanks for this nice post.

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