My oldest daughter has recently reminded me of how amazing it can be to¬†just watch the sun come up in the morning. So often, the beautiful, breath-taking colors, go unnoticed each morning,¬†(and I’m ashamed to say it) but, mostly¬†by me.¬† My daughter¬†has actually been getting up earlier just to see the sun rise¬†and this has prompted me to stop and think… Am I¬†so caught up with what’s coming up in the day ahead to appreciate whats right in front of me? Nowadays though, it’s not that I’m so busy because I am currently 18 months into a two-year recovery from surgery, but in many ways¬†I miss being busy, while¬†at the same time I’m disappointed and frustrated with the physical limitations that I am experiencing. I’m so glad that she brought this to my attention, because¬†it has given me the opportunity to reflect and regroup.

I reflect on how each sunrise brings me a brand new day.. It puts me a day ahead of where I was yesterday, and all the other yesterdays. True, I don’t like being limited physically but I am getting better and a new day means another chance to move forward toward total recovery. I reflect on the fact that there are so many other people who are no longer here to appreciate the sunrise of another day, and that¬†I could have been one of them.

I stop¬†to regroup and think¬†about what’s really important, by changing my focus. This new day is a chance for me to focus outward rather than inward. Today I will focus on the circumstances and needs of others; my family, my friends, and the people who will cross my path. Taking the focus off of me will in turn make my problems seem smaller for the moment, while I¬† experience the many little joys and surprises that lie right in front of me… like the sunrise!